Curiosity Stage

Talks tailored towards folks who are new to Web3 and Blockchain

  • What is Web3 – Jessica Greenwalt [Keynote]
  • Building Web3 Community through Media – Sal DiGuardia, Crypto Radio Network
  • Intro To Cryptocurrency: Crypto in Business, Najah Roberts, The Bitcoin Academy
  • Blockchain for Dummies – Dr. Brook Sheehan, Podcast Host & Educator
  • Qué es Blockchain?* 🇲🇽 – Gimer Cervera, Blockchain Engineer *en español
  • How A Brand Authentically Enters Web3 – Oliver Maroney, CameoPass
  • Introduction to NFTs – Valerie Carrillo, Founder, SD NFT Friends
  • How the Integration of Immersive Sensations, Experiences, & Gaming Can Be Used to Promote Products & Services [Panel] – Valerie Carrillo (moderator), Tyler, Arclegger, Creatress, Will
  • Music in Web3 – Steffi Reyes-Thomas & Alan Lili 🇲🇽 *en español
  • Food & Beverage Industries: Utilizing Web3 for Hospitality [Panel] – Amar Harrag, Edith Soria

Discovery Stage

Deeper topics for those already on the Web3 train

  • Crypto Taxes: What Uncle Sam Expects – CJ the Smart Guy, CPA
  • Ensuring Visibility for Marginalized Creators in Web3 – Andrea Brown, Founder,
  • TBD – Jasmine Brunson, Data Activist,
  • Decrypting DeFi – Paul Puey, Founder, Edge Wallet
  • DAO Governance – Emilio Cazares, SuperRare
  • Crypto Industry Regulation – Joe Ciccolo, BitAML
  • Decentralized Identification – Madison & Haydar Majeed, Privatyze
  • Bitcoin Incarceration [Fireside Chat] – Chris Groshong (moderator), Jacob Burell, Morgan Rockwell
  • Fear & Loathing in the Metaverse – Professor James Cooper
  • Film3 – Disrupting traditional content production and distribution with Web3 – Jason Smith, Creator / Founder, Sword Voodoo
  • How to become a Web3 developer and find your first opportunity – Cloud, Fullstack Blockchain Developer, Gimer, Rene
  • How Creatives, Builders, & Entrepreneurs Can Unlock the Potential of Web3 and Shape the Future – Katrina Smith, Chief of Staff, Vayner3